Prestone Antifreeze & Coolant Tester


Are You Protected?

 Your car needs coolant/antifreeze to keep the engine at the correct temperature. Without it, your engine could overheat or freeze, causing expensive damage.

Many of us just leave coolant/antifreeze checks to the garage, but it is easy to test and top up yourself at home, and it can save you time and money.

The Prestone Coolant/Antifreeze tester is quick and easy to use and is guaranteed for use with all vehicles, so you can check whether your car is protected any time. It tests your winter protection down to -37ºC, and your summer protection up to 129ºC to ensure you’re prepared for extremes. 

  • Guaranteed to work with any vehicle
  • Tests winter protection down to -37ºC, and summer protection up to 129ºC.
  • Easy to use at home.

If you find that your engine isn’t fully protected, you can top up easily with Prestone Ready to Use Coolant/Antifreeze, or Prestone Concentrated Coolant/Antifreeze, which is guaranteed to mix with any colour coolant and can be used in any car.