Prestone Extreme Concentrated Performance Screenwash


Prestone Max Visibility Screen Wash Ready To Use 4 Litre

Prestone new and improved ready to use maximum visibility screen wash excels in extremes. This specially developed Spring/Summer Screen wash formula works to achieve max visibility by quickly removing bugs and bird droppings and prevents dangerous sun dazzle. It also melts ice down to -2°C just in case we get a cold UK summer!

  • Easily remove bugs & bird droppings
  • Prevents sun dazzle for maximum visibility
  • Melts ice down to -2°C
  • Ideal for Spring/Summer use.

What the experts say…

Bruce Ellis Prestone“Prestone lab tests simulate seasonal driving experiences, but real life tests are conducted on the road in extreme conditions. Prestone works in any weather to keep your windscreen clean for safer driving.”

Bruce Ellis, Global Technical Director