Thomar Air Dry Car Dehumidifier 1kg


Air Dry is an odourless dehumidifier that helps to keep windscreens clear and streak free. Perfect for misted up windows or high humidity area.

Small and light, the Air Dry 1kg multi-purpose dehumidifier fits easily and unobtrusively in vehicles. Whether on dashboards, in footwells, on back seats, parcel shelves or even inside the car boot, this little product does a big job!

Inside the Air Dry bag, natural pellets trap and contain up to 600ml of water.

Unlike conventional salt-dripping systems, there is no risk of aggressive saltwater spilling and damaging textiles. Its non-harmful absorbent granules means Air dry is safe to use around children and pets.

Designed specifically for use in vehicles, the discreet, grey-coloured pillow is effective for 3-4 months at a time. It ensures that the interior of the vehicle is kept dry with no rust, electrical damage, mildew, mould stains or mouldy smells.

Lasts approx 3 months before needing regeneration on a radiator.

Suitable for other applications such as saddle rooms, gun safes, storage spaces, boat interiors etc. It is reusable once it has been dried on a radiator.