Granville Marine White Grease


Granville CV Grease 70g Tube & 500g Tin

Granville CV Grease (constant velocity joint grease) is a Lithium based No 2 grease with a Molybdenum Disulphide additive package. Granville CV Grease is specifically designed for use in most modern constant velocity joints found on trucks, vans and cars. The grease is very tenacious and will resist 'pounding out' even under shock loading and the solid additives adhere to metal surfaces where required under pressure, to provide a long-life lubricant film. Granville CV Grease is highly water-resistant (including salt water) and can be recommended for lubricant duties on equipment working in aqueous conditions.

 Product Benefits 
* Long lasting tenacious lubricant 
* Greatly reduces CV joint wear 
* Increases component life 
* Very high solid content - will resist "pounding out" 
* Suitable for use in aqueous conditions 
Product Usage 
Granville CV Grease can be recommended for most constant velocity joints especially on heavily loaded vehicle axles, prop-shafts and transmissions, fifth wheel mechanisms and also for excavator bucket pins, bushes and general assembly work where metal-to-metal contact needs to be avoided. 
Storage Instructions 
Store sealed in a cool, dry place 
Shelf Life 5 years from date of manufacture. 
Specification Information 
* Operating temperature range: -15°C to + 130°C 
* Melting Point: 185°C 
* Worked Penetration: 265-295 
* NLGI classification: 2 
* 20% blend of Moly & Graphite additives 
Appearance : Grey/black heavy adhesive grease 
Odour : Characteristic 
Solubility : Insoluble in water 
Flammability : Not flammable at ambient temperatures 
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C : Base Oil - 98.6 cSt