Redex Lead Replacement Multidose


What is Petrol Advanced Fuel System Cleaner For Vintage & Classic Vehicles RADD1301A 250ml?

Fuel additives are an easy way to keep you car’s engine healthy. Deposits that build up on your fuel injectors reduce efficiency and impair performance. Redex fuel additives clean your injectors to give you a better drive.

If you’ve never used Redex before, or it’s been a while since you last used it, the Redex Petrol Advanced Fuel System Cleaner will give a boost to your car’s health. Add to a tank of petrol for an intensive clean.

  • Intensive clean to safely remove harmful deposits
  • Reduces emissions
  • Boosts power
  • Can help you pass your MOT/NCT
  • Use every 3000 miles

Give your car’s fuel injectors an intensive clean today with Redex Petrol Advanced Fuel System Cleaner.