Simoniz Back to Black Bumper and Trim


What is Back to Black Bumper and Trim SAPP082A?

The Simoniz Back to Black range has decades of car care experience poured into each bottle, combining this knowledge with up to the minute developments and testing. It is the ultimate way to restore your car’s exterior plastic to its original showroom black.

  • Guaranteed to restore, protect and shine
  • Suitable for all exterior plastics
  • Long lasting gloss finish

If you take pride in your car and keep the paintwork clean and polished, then you want your bumpers to look their best too. Back to Black Bumper and Trim is specially formulated to restore exterior plastics giving you a new look bumper. It also protects as it restores and leaves a beautiful gloss finish. Your car will gleam from top to bottom.

Back to Black Bumper and Trim is part of our Bumper and Tyre range, developed to make it easy for you to care for your car’s trim and tyres.


What the experts say…

Phil Carruthers Holts“Older plastic trim and bumpers become grey over time, but can be quickly restored using wire wool to remove surface oxidisation. Applying Simoniz Back to Back Bumpershine to clean, dry bumpers will finish the job in seconds and protect them in all weather conditions.”

Phil Carruthers, Chemist for Simoniz Products