Simoniz Car Shampoo & Wax


About Shampoo & Wax

Simoniz Shampoo & Wax is a dual action car shampoo for superior deep cleaning. Specially formulated to remove tough dirt without damaging your paintwork, it offers guaranteed protection and shine. Our Shampoo and Wax combines our expertise in car cleaning with our love of a beautiful finish.

  • Guaranteed protection and shine
  • Intensive cleaning
  • Streak free formula
  • pH balanced formula


What the experts say…

Phil Carruthers Holts“Simoniz Shampoo uses a proven advanced formula which came first in laboratory tests. Experts agree that Simoniz Shampoo produces more foam, provides superior cleaning and great value with guaranteed long-lasting shine compared to other leading brands.”

Phil Carruthers, Chemist for Simoniz Product