Simoniz Instant Gloss Dashboard Wipes


About Instant Gloss Dashboard Wipes SWPS0009A

When you first buy a car, the showroom finish of your interior can help you to fall in love with driving. Over time, dashboards can become dull from dirt, scratches and marks. Simoniz Instant Gloss Dashboard Wipes are specially formulated to protect your dashboard and maintain shine to keep your interior looking as good as new. The pack of 20 can be kept in your car or glove compartment to keep your interior plastics clean and shiny wherever you are.

  • Guaranteed to clean, protect and shine
  • New car fragrance
  • Convenient pack for cleaning any time

Our range of wipes and cleaners for interior plastics and dashboards come in either matt or gloss finish so that you can choose the appearance you want in your car.

Get easy cleaning and shine in your car today with Simoniz Instant Gloss Dash Wipes.