Massive Range Of Maypole Towing, Caravan & Trailer Parts & Accessories Now Added To Save and Drive

We are please to announce that we have been able to offer Maypole towing and trailer accessories and parts on our website, Maypole are the 'The UK's Leading Towing and Touring Company' and supply fully approved high quality towing parts and accessories and the full range is available in the Towing category  . The range includes everything you need to get you and your trailer / caravan on the road legally to keep you motoring safely including lights and lenses, reflectors, marker lights,  trailers, trailer accessories, trailer and caravan electric parts and accessories, lighting boards, lighting modules POD towing security etc. etc.

Find out more about Maypole here

We have added a full range of lights, lenses, and lamps and bulbs in the Lamp category, including indicator lamps, reverse lamps, combination lamps, side, read and front marker lamps, and there is options including both LED and standard bulb options. We have also a range of replacement lenses incase you have cracked or broken your existing lens, you can now buy an E approved replacement lens to fix the problem and get you back on the road quickly and legally.

We have also added a full range of Towing electric accessories including electric trailer and caravan connector, sockets, pre wired plugs, extension leads, dual charge relays relays in both 12N and 12S 12 volt formats. Find the full range here

Need a trailer board?, we have a full range of 3, 4 and 5 foot trailer boards in stock with various lengths of cable up to 10 metre lengths. Please have look at the full trailer board and POD light module range here.

March 06, 2015 by Martin Robson

WOW - Save and Drive Car Parts & Accessories Is A University Case Study.

We have been selected to appear as a case study in a university case study, read the full article here.

Case Study

Case study: Save and Drive Save and Drive ( is a 'clicks and mortar' motor accessories supplier - this means there is a physical store and web-based transactional website. It is based in the City of Sunderland, in north-east England.

The business began as a Motorist Discount Centre, selling car accessories in 1977. In those days there was a strong market for car parts and accessories. By the 1990s the market for car parts was in decline. Cars had become much more reliable. Design improvements meant that many replaceable components were obsolete; engines had evolved into 'black boxes' that were computer managed. Modules could be unplugged and replaced. It was now the era of the 'throw away car'.

People had stopped coming into the Motorist Discount Centres for do-it-yourself car maintenance and repair. Save and Drive had to refocus its business or close down. The owners decided to set up a website that promoted their full range of accessories. They found, for instance, that there was a market for roof boxes and that these could be marketed online. Indeed the whole range of accessories could be offered online. Today Save and Drive uses a promotional and e-commerce website.

People can purchase online in a secure payments system. All of the information a customer needs is available from the site. If not, staff are available to give advice and personal assistance. One of the dangers of adopting an online strategy such as this is that local customers will stop visiting the physical store. In fact, Save and Drive has succeeded in keeping local people interested in the physical range of products while at the same time extending its market reach online.

1. Describe how Save and Drive has changed its business. Do you think that new skills would have been needed?

2. Explain how far you think that the owners of Save and Drive have ‘refocused' their business.

3. Could it be argued that Save and Drive has not ‘refocused' at all; it has just opened up a new sales channel? Explain and justify your answer.

4. What would a business have to do to completely refocus its activities?

February 24, 2015 by Martin Robson

Best New Car Accessories Buyers Guide

Technology advances at a rapid rate and unless you can afford to buy a new car once or twice a year, chances are your current vehicle may be lacking some of the latest gadgets.

 Well, the aftermarket is always willing and able to help you out. With more accessories, gadgets and conveniences available than anyone could ever use, we’ve listed fifteen of the most useful aftermarket accessories below.

February 20, 2015 by Martin Robson

Filling up the store categories with some amazing car accessories.

Over 200 exciting products a day are being imported onto the website, and the categories are filling up fast !!! but still plenty of fab accessories to be put onto the site.

Its cold out there on the roads, so guys make sure your car is de-iced and your screen is clear before you set off and if its icy then please allow extra time for your journey, we want to wish our customers a safe winter ahead and if you run short of some deicer or screen wash or even snap your scraper on the ice on your screen with some over enthusiastic scraping then go to the winter section of the site and buy buy buy as we have a full range of winter accessories in the store.

Now lets get moving, we work hard we play hard !!!!

Have a good look at the air freshener category.

January 23, 2015 by Martin Robson

Save and Drive Car Accessories Launches Its New Online Store

We are back online, after a short absence to action a full revamp we have now re-opened our online store, very excited and chomping at the bit to bring you the best car accessory store on the net!!, we are currently flooding the store with products and will be putting some hard to beat special offers on here so make sure you come back soon, plus some very exciting news to follow soon but for now sshhhhhhhh!!, thanks guys !


January 05, 2015 by Martin Robson