COVID19 / Cancellation?

We are a family business that care, and if for any reason you are unable to make your trip though illness, COVID restrictions, vehicle mechanical problems etc., we will be happy to cancel the booking and there will be no payment needed. It really is that simple.

Can I fit a box to my vehicle? 

We carry a huge range of roof bars and roof boxes that can fit to over 99% of vehicles including coupes, hatchbacks, saloons, estates, MPV's, and 4x4's. We use Thule roof bars for all cars if Thule manufacture roof bars for your vehicle then we can supply. 

What size box is best for me?

We’re often asked which is the best roofbox. There are no hard and fast rules as your own personal circumstances will dictate what works best for you.  But in order to help, we’ve added photos of boxes on different cars on our photo page.

Will the box lock?

We only use key operated muti-point locking roof boxes and key locking Thule roof bars to ensure your piece of mind.

Will my tailgate open with a box fitted?

Yes your tailgate will fully open as normal and you will have full access to your boot.

What is the load capacity of the box?

The load capacity is approx. 50-75kg depending on the roof box.

Do you fit / remove the hire equipment?

Yes we fit and remove all hire equipment at our Sunderland store. Fitting takes approx 10mins for a box and bar fitting.

Do you delivery or fit items at my house?

Sorry but no, we only fit and remove the equipment at our Sunderland store.

Can I drive abroad with the equipment?

Yes we have no problem where your journey takes you.

Will there be any damage to my vehicle?

In short no, we only use the very top of the range equipment (Thule, Karrite & Mont Blanc) which does not mark, scratch or damage your vehicle in any way, and once removed no one will know you have had the equipment fitted.

Will the equipment lock, are they secure?

All our roof boxes, roof bars and cycle carriers are key lockable and very secure.

Do I have to book in advance? 

Yes & No. We generally require you to pre book especially at busy school holiday times to ensure we have the correct roof bars available for your vehicle but if it is a last minute thing we may still have the equipment available so please contact us and we will do our best to arrange your hire.

What is the procedure on the day of fitting?

On arrival at our Sunderland store we will complete any remaining paperwork/ payment. We will then begin to fit the hire equipment to your vehicle (takes approx 10 mins). You will then be fully shown how to use the equipment. Done. Enjoy your vacation.