Holts Cataloy Knifing Putty


What is Cataloy Knifing Putty CAT13 100g?

Bodywork chips and deep scratches immediately attract your eye and make a vehicle look old and uncared for. No matter how much you clean and polish your pride and joy, those imperfections will always remain.

Holts Cataloy Knifing Putty is durable and easy to use bodywork surface filler that provides a quick solution to chips and deep scratches. It fills in surface imperfections to create a perfectly smooth finish, ready for painting. Use the applicator provided to apply to deep scratches and chips for an even finish that’s easy to paint on.

  • Suitable for all exterior bodywork
  • Easy to use filler
  • Great for use on chips and deep scratches
  • Professional finish perfect for painting
  • Comes with applicator included

Solve your paintwork problems today by filling in scratches and chips with Holts Cataloy Knifing Putty