Granville Red Rubber Grease


Granville Red Rubber Grease 70g Tube & 500g Tin

Granville Red Rubber Grease has been specifically designed for use in environments where compatibility with seals and/or resistance to Hydrocarbons is required. Red Rubber Grease is compatible with both natural rubber and synthetic seals. The formulation of the grease makes the product mechanically stable and resistant to mineral oils and most hydrocarbons, including many solvents. 
Product Benefits 
* Mineral oil free 
* Mechanically stable 
* Resistant to hydrocarbon solvents 
* Good operating temperature range 
Product Usage 
Granville Red Rubber Grease is ideal for lubrication of valves, slides, taps and brake components operating in the presence of hydrocarbon solvents and also for most general lubricant duties where there is concern over compatibility with seals. Is suitable for certain types of brake assemblies which require this type of grease. 
Directions for Use 
Apply grease to the area required ensuring the area is free from contamination and residue. 
Storage Instructions 
Store sealed in a cool, dry place. 
Shelf Life 
3 years from date of manufacture. 
Specification Information 
Operating Temperature: -20°C to +120°C 
NLGI Classification: 2-3 
Worked Penetration: 245-275 
Appearance : Smooth red grease 
Odour : Characteristic 
Solubility : Insoluble in water 
Flammability : Infusible 
Flashpoint : N/A