PMA LPG Gas Leak Safe & Air Con Detector Spray LEDET



  • LPG Gas Leak Detector Spray 500ml LEDET
  • Used for the visible detection of gas leaks in sealed and pressurised installations
  • Easy to remove and completely water soluble
  • Virtually instant detection via bubble stream
  • Meets requirements of BS EN14291:2004 for the revised VOSA MOT test for LPG cars
  • Suitable for use with most gases, including LPG+H44
  • Water based leak detection aerosol designed for non-destructive testing


  1. Shake well before use
  2. Remember to test compatibility with painted surfaces, rubbers and plastics prior to application
  3. Spray liberally from 20-30 centimetres onto potential leak area to be treated
  4. Inspect the area for creation of a bubble stream
  5. After use wipe away product residue with an absorbent cloth