Holts Firegum Exhaust Assembly Paste


What is Firegum Exhaust Assembly Paste 150g FG1RP?

Assembling your own exhaust can save you money and help you fix problems with noise or leaking exhaust gases. Your engine will work more efficiently and it can be done at home in minutes.

Holts Firegum is an exhaust assembly paste specially developed to give you gas tight seals in joints where the fit is poor or the gasket has failed. It’s quick and easy to use for fast assembly, making it perfect for home exhaust replacements. This is a professional quality product providing a permanent solution that resists heat and vibrations.

Firegum is also available for professional use and larger jobs as Holts Exhaust Assembly Paste.

  • Resists vibration
  • Permanent seal guaranteed
  • Quick and easy to use

Get professional results for your exhaust at home with Holts Firegum.